Primary Class

Primary Class

The children are more aware of the outside world and happenings around them. With this in mind, we facilitate their ability to manipulate abstract concepts and develop logical thinking skills. Our primary programme is purely the Nigerian curriculum with aspects of the National Curriculum for England and the Montessori curriculum integrated into it.

In line with the National Curriculum for England, English, Mathematics and Science are given priority with regards to teaching time and periods Besides English, Mathematics and Science, pupils are taught ICT and Coding. Music, Arts, Home Economics Religion & National Values, Christian Religious Studies, Quantitative and verbal Reasoning and Chess. Nelson Handwriting is our preferred handwriting style.

For in-depth understanding. English language is studied in aspects Compression, Creative Writing, Diction, Literature, Vocabulary/Selling Punctuation/Grammar, and Poetry each has time allotted to it

Hausa is mandatory for all students as the indigenous language and students have the added option of learning either Yoruba or lgbo. French is also studied in the school. Research shows that there are many cognitive benefits of learning languages, so our children are encouraged to learn many languages. In addition, people who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, enhanced concentration, and ability to multitask, as well as better listening skills.

in the various subject areas, our students study curriculum built an sound educational principles and up-to-date research on how children heart, Learners are offered a broad and balanced curriculum that provides them with many opportunities to develop positive attitudes to learning and inspire lifelong learning.

Our primary school nuns from primary 1 to primary 6. Our classrooms are full of creative and engaging activities within a positive atmosphere that is calm, stimulating and conducive to learning. The primary classrooms are meticulously organised to foster a respectful and healthy relationship between and among students, parents and staff. Specifically in primary 6 students receive a personalised programme of education tailored to their own interests, talents and requirements.

All Primary school students are taught according to the foundational principles of achievement, inclusion, compassion, safety and global engagement. Learning periods allow teachers and students to track progress and ensure everyone is challenged at an appropriate level.

All primary pupils acquire skills from the Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition (ESA) programme and school clubs.