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While many schools focus on achieving excellence in education, they do so within the framework of the conventional sense of curriculum. The Montessori curriculum was however developed with an understanding of the nature of the child as a starting point. Montessori education is not aimed, primarily, at preparing a child for the next level of schooling or for college; although, in practice, this is one of the outcomes of Montessori education. The real purpose of Montessori education is to help all children maximally develop their own potential to become fully independent and autonomous, and to play an active role in their communities. Maria Montessori believed that it is only through education that we can hope to create a better world, a world where success is not measured by wealth or status but rather by the extent to which one contributes to the betterment of society.

As a value-driven school and a child-enabler, the different arms of Cornerstone Montessori Schools (pre-school, primary, college) exist to serve the child through supporting and nurturing them in the direction of creatively realizing their potential and becoming happy, empathetic, useful and contributing members of their communities and larger societies. Our goal is to continue to raise GOD-FEARING GLOBAL CITIZENS for the betterment of MANKIND.

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