Upper Primary

The interaction of the teachers, the child and the environment brings about learning and the individual is actually molded and brought to perfection through the environment.  Consequently, we emphasize the prepared/ favourable environment where there is an atmosphere of freedom and liberty for every child to act from real choice to develop self through own physical activities. Set up to exclude distractions and offer opportunities for constructive work, our prepared environment is serene and highly conducive to learning. It is one in which the child lives in freedom and works with joy, confidence, independence and self-esteem. Its prevailing atmosphere of serenity is conducive to learning and aids concentration.

With a wide range of didactic materials, it offers every child unique opportunities to learn various important skills through hands-on experience and grow as an independent individual who has consideration for others. The hands, regarded as an instrument of intelligence, are believed to play a vital role in the learning process and have been proved to be significant in bringing things into conscious focus. According to Maria Montessori, ’one path and one only path towards intelligence is through the hand’. As a result, the hands are maximally engaged in our Montessori classrooms.

The activities in our classrooms, which range from language, art and music to mathematics and science, help the child to realize and display his innate creativity. Distinctly visible in all the classrooms are the five curriculum areas-Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Mathematics, Language and Literacy- all complemented by the Art & Creativity and the Reading Areas.