School Events

During the academic year we have activities that crown each term. The activities involve the participation of parents who grace the school’s functions in order to be part of their children’s education. At Cornerstone Montessori Schools, we believe every child is a winner and unique in their own ways, hence in all these functions children’s participation is a key element for the success of the activities.

  • Annual Accolades Ceremony

This takes place at the end of the third term. It is a special time when pupils are rewarded for their excellence in learning and character. Pupils receive awards for good conduct, outstanding performances, neatness, punctuality, as well as encouraging behaviour in class.


  • Annual Christmas Concert

The annual Christmas concert takes place in December. This is a time when pupils showcase their talents through poetry, drama, singing and music. The concerts are carefully organized to ensure that pupils at all levels participate.


  • Cultural Day     This special day, all members of our school community- pupils, parents, members of staff and friends of the school have the opportunity to showcase their rich cultural attires, songs, dances, greetings and native food items. It also serves as an avenue for the pupils to display the work done in their home economics classes.


  • Inter-house Sports Competition

In 2013, we had our maiden inter-house sports competition to boost healthy competition amongst pupils, and also to give every pupil a sense of pride in representing a team, thereby encouraging good sportsmanship which pro­vides guidelines that can be extended to classroom and lifelong achievement. By establishing comprehensive physical activity as a regular part of education, pupils learn to integrate exercise drills into their lifestyle and maintain their health and self-esteem.

At Cornerstone Montessori Schools, every pupil is actively encouraged to take part in one or some of these activities and represent a team;  the emphasis is on participation and working together for the good of the team. The next inter-house sports competition promises to be a thrilling experience like the previous ones.

  • Career Week

Our career week is a week-long of specially designed series of events to assist pupils to explore career options, learn about professional ethics, interact, ask questions, and build meaningful relationships with different professionals.

Pupils acquire knowledge and skills that help set professional goals, understand the requirements of their potential professions and develop a strategy for getting them to their desired career choice. They learn to choose an appropriate career path which involves making an honest self-evaluation of their talents, abilities and interests. Career week comes up every term.

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