Every child begins life within a particular family. The child is raised and taught some fundamental principles in life, such as what is right and what is wrong, the kind of behaviour that society approves of, and those which society regards as anti-social. Thus, children begin life in a home environment, learning and being exposed to life principles. Gradually, as the child grows older it becomes imperative for the child to meet people in a different environment where formal education takes place. This new environment is the school.

It is widely recognized that pupils’ performance is strongly affected by the quality of a school’s learning environment. Cornerstone Montessori Schools is committed to building and maintaining a positive, effective and an orderly learning environment that is sustainable, promotes effective learning and teaching in every classroom for every child and incorporates the effective use of e-learning as a powerful learning and teaching tool.


Co-curricular Activities

There are varieties of co-curricular activities in which pupils can participate. Club activities are carefully selected to ensure that learning is stimulating, fulfilling and unique, thereby nurturing pupils’ interests and skills. The club activities in which pupils are able to participate both during and after school hours include, but are not limited to; scrabble, chess and puzzle club; literary, debating and press club; drama club; cookery club; creativity club; math club; young programmers club; music club; acrobatics club; sports club; drama club;


Educational Tour/Trips/Excursions

In our school, we like to take learning outside the four walls of the classroom by undertaking both local and international trips. The places of interest are carefully selected in order to help pupils connect better with the concepts taught in class.  Local and international trips provide a varied learning exposure with pupils making visits to places of interest both in, and outside Nigeria to discover what their country and the world have to offer. These excursions no doubt stretch their imagination and widen their scope.

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