Our History

‘WHEN YOU PUT YOUR CHILD IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME, RIGHT THINGS HAPPEN’. This is a decision no one but you can make. Choose right, choose Montessori, choose Cornerstone Montessori Schools and see right things happen to your child. ‘Montessori is such a caring way to teach’. At CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI SCHOOLS, we care about, and for your CHILD.

Our favourable environment has been specially prepared to meet your child’s developmental needs: the absorbent mind and the sensitive periods. It offers the best conditions for development, as we encourage and afford children opportunities to become active learners.

At Cornerstone Montessori Schools, we provide qualitative Montessori education in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment. This is an environment characterized by freedom of movement and choice. It is one in which children can freely choose their work and proceed at own pace to construct their intelligence. Ours is an environment which fosters the child’s independence, confidence, team spirit, self-direction and self-esteem. Indisputably, we add value to every child’s life. Essentially, we touch the future through the child. According to Maria Montessori,’ within the child lies the fate of the future’.


We are committed to the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. ‘Montessori’ is an education for life, a learning process whereby children are encouraged to develop at their pace in a safe, caring and supportive environment, bearing in mind that a child in a supportive environment will learn effectively with ease. Fully dedicated to the ethos of ‘following the child’, we closely and carefully observe children to ensure that each child’s developmental needs are met at every stage of development to ensure their holistic development. In addition, having discovered QUALITY in the system, we at Cornerstone Montessori Schools have mobilized all the machinery and resources that will make the system work effectively. QUALITY is, and remains our watchword.