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With the ever increasingly changing needs of families, many young children spend a considerable portion of their day in the care of surrogates in daycare centres and nursery school settings, which require trained and competent personnel. Parents must therefore be duly informed about the activities that go on in these centres because what a child can be is determined by the foundation laid in the early years; his early experience paves way for his educational and personal fulfillment.

Being the period of formation, sensitivity and the absorbent mind, education at this (foundation) stage is undoubtedly one of the most important investments any parent will ever make. Invariably, Montessori education is an outstanding value, one that will pay dividends immeasurable in monetary terms over the course of your child’s life. The truth is: Montessori’s specially designed materials and  the prepared environment arouse the child’s spontaneous interest in learning.

WHEN YOU PUT YOUR CHILD IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME, RIGHT THINGS HAPPEN.” This is a decision no one but you can make. Choose right, choose Montessori, choose Cornerstone Montessori Schools and see right things happen to your child.

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