One of our major concerns is to support the young child in his growth so, in addition to preparing an ideal environment for his absorbent mind and sensitive periods, every child is motivated and encouraged by caring and supportive adults  to develop his social skills and imbibe positive values. We respect and value the child as an individual and help him to succeed, not by pushing him but allowing him to learn at his own pace.


Children learn through play in a loving, caring and favourable environment. Real objects are readily available for them to see, hear, touch and manipulate to enhance learning through their senses. The supportive adults who respect the children as individuals use language with them continuously in order to stimulate their language development.


In the toddler class, children from 18 months to 3 years are grouped together to develop basic skills and familiarize themselves with the rudiments of all areas of the Montessori curriculum. This is achieved through the prepared environment designed for the age group. Activities and materials like picture books that boost the development of language and good reading skills are provided for the children. Emphasis is on social development, character formation, developing discipline and building a healthy and strong self-image. Music, dance and nursery rhymes constitute an integral part of the programme. The children also have free access to varieties of puzzles which research has shown to be very good for brain development.


In the Nursery class, children aged 3-5 years are grouped together. Mixed age-grouping is ideal; as older children become role models to the younger ones while the younger ones learn a lot from the older ones. They flow into one another (osmosis). Also known as vertical grouping, this arrangement helps children to develop their independence, self-confidence and self-esteem and  respect the rights of others. In addition, they learn to take turns and work in a team.


Our primary section runs a combination of the Nigerian and British Curricula which are further enriched with aspects of the Montessori curriculum.

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