Thank you so much for entrusting your child/children to us at Cornerstone Montessori Schools. As we all know, parents and the school need to work as a team to bring out the best in the children. We have, for this reason, included this corner on the website.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

At Cornerstone Montessori Schools, we treasure parents’ active participation in the education of their children. Consequently, we ensure, and are always looking forward to a mutually beneficial home-school partnership that is ten times better. We sincerely welcome and genuinely appreciate parents who understand our system of education and are dedicated to going all the way with us to ensure successful implementation.

We encourage parents and guardians who want the best form of education and sound moral values for their children or wards to come on board for an enjoyable and successful learning sail in a favorable environment designed to meet the developmental needs of every child.

Our Parent Teacher Association meets termly to deliberate on, and contribute positively to the welfare and progress of our pupils and the school. At our PTA meetings we address issues that are important to parents and the school as a whole. Educational, moral and spiritual well-being of the pupils are discussed. What is very important to note here is that discipline and learning which was initially and exclusively the responsibility of the parents must now be shared between parents and teachers. The PTA meeting is very important as a forum for sharing ideas all geared towards helping our children develop academic and moral strengths and integrity. As parents, we want the best for our children and we want to know and understand the environment in which they learn and the facilities made available to achieve a holistic learning.

Each meeting is usually, as much as time permits, spiced with interesting and enlightening talks, workshops, seminars, etc. that sensitize parents and teachers alike to current or prevailing social, health and emotional issues in the society. These sessions are always applauded for their relevance and benefits.

Parents/ Teachers Conference

Pupils do better in school when parents are involved in their academic pursuits. Attending parents/ teachers conference is a good way to get involved and help your child succeed. Parents/ teachers’ conference is a great opportunity to start or continue ongoing conversations with your child/ children’s teacher(s), learn how to help your child (ren) do their best in school and let them know that what goes on in school will be shared at home.

Parents Prayer Group (PPG)

The Parents’ Prayer Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. We are a praying school because we believe that “unlimited prayer supplies unlimited power”.


There are so many ways the parents of pupils in our school can give support to the school to strengthen the partnership for the benefit of their children. In this regard, parents can assist by

  • Volunteering to help out in the classrooms as in reading programs and trips/excursions
  • Making significant contribution toward teacher professional development especially outside the country
  • Initiating and sponsoring projects
  • Donating awards and trophies for accolades cum graduation ceremonies and inter house/inter class competitions respectively
  • Volunteering as Matrons and Matrons of the different houses in the school. We have four houses – Integrity, Honesty, Endurance and Dignity

Parents Appreciation

Parents play a vital role in school administration through assisting with school programmes and the welfare of their children and staff. There are not enough words to describe how greatly we regard parents of pupils in our school for their belief in the vision of the school. In celebrating parents for their volunteer efforts, hard-work, dedication, kindness and love, we set aside a day to thank them for all they do; this day is known as our Parents Appreciation Day. Pupils are encouraged to send a special ‘thank you’ message to their parents.

Also, every session, the school acknowledges and celebrates parents who have supported the school in one remarkable way or the other.


1st TermSeptember to December
2nd TermJanuary to April
3rd TermMay to July



Parents Review
Mr &Mrs. TuleMr &Mrs. Tule
In Cornerstone Montessori Schools, there is a God-fearing management team that promotes godly values among staff and pupils.  The proprietress’s humble disposition is very accommodating. She received us warmly and this gave us a lasting impression.Their result-oriented curriculum caters for both the academic and extracurricular demands of every child. Our daughter’s deficiencies were diagnosed and attention was directed to them for ultimate output.  Each child is seen as a unique individual and is treated thus.
Mrs. OlinzeMrs. Olinze
Cornerstone Montessori Schools, Abuja is a haven associated with proffering solutions to challenges faced by pupils/parents in all aspects of a child’s learning.God bless the friends/CMS parents that referred us here.



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